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Boundary Disputes and Easements

Land and property account for more than half of the nation’s wealth, and is very likely your most valuable asset, as well as being the place you call home.

Over 80 years in local practice has given us extensive local knowledge of Gloucestershire and the surrounding areas, together with excellent professional connections to draw upon.

Boundary Disputes

We follow a reasoned and methodical approach to boundary disputes and the key stages will be made clear to you at the outset. Our approach is designed to facilitate agreement between you and your neighbour, and where agreement proves impossible or unlikely, to escalate the matter on a ‘staged’ basis, requiring your express agreement to progress between each stage in the boundary dispute process.

In the wrong hands, the costs of a boundary dispute can result in legal costs far exceeding the value of the land in dispute. With us you will receive clear and frank advice on the merits of your case, as well as the likely costs involved. Our aim is to keep you informed and in control.


An Easement is the legal term for a right to cross or otherwise use someone else's land for a specified purpose.

As a Landowner, it is natural to assume that you alone can decide who is allowed to use or cross your land. It can be quite a surprise to find a stranger walking, riding, driving across or otherwise using your land without your prior permission.

Equally, you may find that you are being denied the benefit of an easement to which you are entitled. Depending on its nature, having the benefit of an easement formally recorded can increase the value of your property substantially.  

The approach we take to Easements is very similar to that of Boundary disputes, and you can expect a frank assessment of the merits of your case before proceeding. 

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